Sunday, February 14, 2016

Magrath Dress and Tunic! A Tale of a Pattern Test.

     I had the absolute pleasure of testing the new Magrath dress & tunic by Sew Much Ado.  This pattern is the best fitting garment I think I've ever seen for my daughter!  I've really never been so pleased especially during testing where usually there are a lot of fitting issues or kinks to work out with a pattern.  

Although I was only assigned the dress version, I just couldn't resist doing the tunic version as well.  That for me is a true testament of how great this pattern is as I often don't "repeat sew"-LOL!  

Here is my dress version 
Please excuse the snowstorm--LOL!

This is the size 4 but with added length for my big 4 year old. I used the once very sought after fabric from Hobby Lobby (the stripes)-I actually bought this in a destash group on Facebook though. For the beautiful sweetheart bodice and accent back pieces I used a beautiful mint fabric with white dots that coordinated beautifully.  Not sure where I got it but I want to say Walmart...confessions of a fabricholic!!

As you can see by the back the details in this pattern are amazing!! I finally got the chance to try out my beautiful lace zippers I bought a while ago.  I'm often an admirer of others use of lace and other trims but often forget to add to my own creations.  This pattern is PERFECT for that too and so I added lace to the 3/4 sleeves for a beautiful accent but not overpowering with this fabric.

For my tunic version I decided I wanted to do a contrast to the delicate dress and do something a little harder meets everyday wear.  I LOVE a good upcycle so I used an old pair of jeans for the denim and because, as you see from the first photos, we are in the Northeast Winter season (30 below with windchill as I write this! OMG!!) I decided on a flannel/brushed cotton from Joann's Plaiditudes collection and boy is it SUPER soft!!

Perfection!! Again I added a beautiful lace trim to my 3/4 length sleeves and an additional lace trim to my hem.  Finished off with another gorgeous lace zip!

If you sew, you NEED this pattern in your arsenal! It is definitely a staple for your daughter's wardrobe, the fit is AMAZING, it can be used ALL year round depending on your fabric choice, you can add all kinds of embellishments to suit your taste and there are SO many options, you can dress it up or down...did I mention it's AMAAAAAZING??!!! Run, don't walk to get yours NOW!! It's currently on a limited time new release sale and you can find it here: Magrath Dress & Tunic PDF Sewing Pattern

Picture overload coming in 3, 2,...

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All You Need Jammies Pattern Testing and Review

Hello!!  I was lucky enough to be chosen to test for the newly (today!!) released pattern from Heidi & Finn!  It is called "All You Need Jammies" and it is exactly that and more.  The pattern is absolutely easy to sew and follow for any beginner and includes several options to create the perfect pajama wardrobe for any season for your littles.  The size range is huge from 12M to 12Y which means plenty of sewing use with this pattern or "more bang for your buck!"  A few words about the pattern and then we will talk about the endless options AND I'll show you MY test versions!



Saturday, January 18, 2014

BOYS Leopard Tree Climber Trousers

To say I am a huge fan of Go To Patterns would be a severe understatement!  I am a Taurus and therefore a "creature of habit" and Andrea's patterns were among my first sewing patterns so I am, as they say, a repeat offender.  I just love how easy to put together her patterns are with both the PDF pieces and also by the instructions.  When the Tree Climber Trousers were released I just knew I had to put them on my to buy list and I am SO glad I did!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Reflection Friday

Happy Friday!  Since this blog is fresh and new I figure I will try out some ideas that maybe I will implement on a regular basis, "blog staples" if you will.  I'm thinking we could call Fridays "Reflection Friday" and we will maybe talk about experiences or things we learned on the previous week.  So here is installment numeral uno of REFLECTION FRIDAY!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Project Run & Play

Puff Polka Dot Popover Remix-PR&P Season 7
I submitted my sew along entry just shy of an hour before "closing time!!"  Talk about stressful-whewww! I sewed along a couple weeks of last season for the first time ever and apart from my time management skills needing a tweak I really enjoyed it so I thought why not try to do what I can this season?

Project Run & Play--Week 5 Men's Dress Shirt Refashion

Week 5--Men's Dress Shirt Refashion--How exciting!  I spent nearly my entire week trying to determine a plan, a design and do research.  I ended up putting this look together on Thursday night with finishing touches done on Friday morning--yes...down to the wire!  All in all I believe it turned out well and as a new and basically self taught sewer, I think I did a good job and stepped outside of the box.  My first thoughts were dress but I was thinking that was too obvious so I needed to come with something better than that.  I decided to combine my love for color-blocking (which I had never done) and peplums.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I am late to the party but in my defense I just found out about 'Blogtember!!'  It is a month long pledge to basically post to your blog more actively and it is a "challenge" issued by Story of My Life.  Who am I to see a challenge and just turn a blind eye?  NEVER!  So although it is now September 11th (NEVER forget!), I am going to start now and of course I am going to start with the "assignment" from a day or so ago which is to Take this short personality test and respond to your results.  This assignment was referred to as "day 5" of Blogtember and I believe they are now on Day 7--oops!  Better late than never!

So I took the test, yesterday actually and could not blog about it until today.  My results?  Are you at the edge of your seat to find out what is going on with THIS here personality?