Thursday, September 12, 2013

Project Run & Play--Week 5 Men's Dress Shirt Refashion

Week 5--Men's Dress Shirt Refashion--How exciting!  I spent nearly my entire week trying to determine a plan, a design and do research.  I ended up putting this look together on Thursday night with finishing touches done on Friday morning--yes...down to the wire!  All in all I believe it turned out well and as a new and basically self taught sewer, I think I did a good job and stepped outside of the box.  My first thoughts were dress but I was thinking that was too obvious so I needed to come with something better than that.  I decided to combine my love for color-blocking (which I had never done) and peplums.

In comes the victim...

A Large light blue dress shirt with dark blue and white pinstripes.  From this I decided I wanted to tie in some left over Navy jersey knit that I had from a previous (soon to be posted) project.  I decided I wanted to add some sort of peplum to the shirt and also use color blocking.
I also wanted to change out the boring light blue tiny buttons to a larger, kid-friendly, fun blue button.  Originally I wanted to do a scoop neck tank style bodice but ended up going with the very fashion forward Mandarin collar by taking off the original collar and I then added Dolman style sleeves.

This was my first attempt at color blocking so I may have gone a little overboard but I like the way it came out.  I also added little bows to the back of the pants just below the color block and right above the button plackets/cuffs-which by the way were the original shirt sleeves.  The bows I felt were an attempt to make this outfit a little more "girly" since there is SO much blue.
Lastly, I decided this outfit needed a bow belt and I scrambled to create one from scratch this morning with velcro at the closure.  A nice, yet simple final touch.  And for the complete outfit along with ONE of the 'Posh Toddlers' modeling it:



  1. You have a great "eye". I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your designs!

  2. Thank you SO much Shannon for stopping by & for your positive and encouraging comments!

  3. Ooh that's too cute! :) I shall be stopping by again! RSS feed is getting full of beautiful blogs! :)