Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Wreath

Valentine's Day is only 2 short days away and as I looked around my house I realized I had been so caught up in keeping up with Project Run & Play that I neglected to decorate anything!!  So I feverishly scoured the craft/sewing blogs(not really) and BAM (does Emerill have this trademarked?)--stumbled upon this GORGEOUS tutorial from Sew Much Ado for making a Valentine Wreath.  I like to put wreaths up periodically for either different holidays or season changes and so this was PERFECT to grace my now naked door after Christmas :-) 
Here is how it turned out...

Here are the cut strips to make the flowers along with the glue sticks--I got the 50 pack because I knew it would take a LOT of glue!

Here is what the styrofoam heart form looks like without anything on it, I had to order mine from Hobby Lobby because they do not sell them in the stores around me.

                         This is my pile of ruffled strips before making into roses.

And these are what my roses look like--different from Sew Much Ado but I like them still.
And...tadaaa!!  My no longer naked door :-)

Want to make your own?!!  Head over to Sew Much Ado via this link and check out her awesome tutorial.
Happy Valentine's Day!!  xoxo-Tara

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