Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 out of 6 Pinterest Challenges Complete!

I have barely blogged about the Pinterest Challenge since I posted it!  I know, I was supposed to complete one challenge per week over a 6 week period and discuss but ends up I may have not realized how tough blogging really is (bowing down to all of you GREAT bloggers that I truly admire!)  Blogging is a full time job!  It seems as though it should be simple enough to just sit down and write about whatever you did or something you love but it's just not that simple.  There is a mindframe behind it which in turn motivates the writer to do what they need to do and in a timely fashion :-)  Part of my problem, I think, is that I do not have any subscribers or readers at this time and therefore little incentive I guess (in my mind) to write posts.  The other part is sheer time because I've found that being a blogger means not only posting on your own but also running ragged all over the blogosphere checking out others posts and just being a "presence".  Now before I get too off topic, let me talk about my title which is the completion of 2 of my Pinterest pins for the challenge--LOL!

First I did the glitter, here is the "Pinspiration" photo:
Source: via Tara on Pinterest
Here is what mine turned out like: Ok for some reason my blogger is not allowing me to upload my pictures from my hard drive so please check out the only picture I have so far which I posted the other day here.  First of all, mine did not come out too "glittery" at all.  I think I may have to try it again another time, so I guess we can say fail-ish?  But definitely DONE!

And now we move on to #2--a throw pillow.  Here again is the "Pinspiration" photo:

What I ended up doing was more of a CPR for an old, lifeless, dingy pillow but I still sewed the entire thing, I just encased the old pillow in my new "cover" and voila!  A new pillow was born!  Check out my before and after here:

I used a "Ruffle Fleece Pillow" tutorial here, from Honeybee Vintage.  I kind of veered off and did my own thing but used her tutorial as a guide.  Her tutorial was real easy to follow and straightforward though and I LOVE the way my pillow turned out!  I used regular blue fleece I had on hand from Joann's.  Actually you saw this same blue fleece in one of the twins' capes!  I STILL have a tiny bit left over for another project :-)  This pillow is so nice and soft and warm, I'm so glad I chose to do a fleece pillow.  And the best part is that I still have several other pillows in my home that need "CPR" so I may end up doing one of the bow pillows in the "Pinspiration" photo on my own at a later date-stay tuned!  But for now:  Pinterest Challenge #2 COMPLETE!!


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