Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sew Off Auditions!--My First Audition-DOH!

I did it!  I entered the "Sew Off" over at Nap Time Crafters!  OMG, I hope I can get in but I procrastinated so long and now I'm entry #85!!  Yes, 85!  Amy at Nap Time Crafters might not even get that far to find the 12 contestants she needs to compete, that is how good the competition is.  But, at least I submitted an entry, I can feel good about that :-) 

I entered my "Sweet Bee Tunic" from the Project Run and Play Remix of Jess at Me Sew Crazy's Spring Fever dress.  You can see it here:  Sweet Bee Tunic .  To find out more about the competition look here: The Sew Off.  There are still about 10+ hours left to enter.  PLEASE wish me luck!  If I get in this will be my very FIRST sewing competition rather than as a "sew along" contestant.

I wanted to try to sew something new but I was so proud when I did this tunic that I figured it needed some more light, praying that was a good decision--FINGERS CROSSED!!


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