Monday, March 4, 2013

Super Hero Capes!!!

Apology first:  I'm sorry that I have not posted in a while (although I currently have NO readers the need to apologize still feels needed--hahaha) I have been in a sewing 'funk' of sorts.  I think it was kind of similar to when a writer gets writer's block, I was just STUCK!  I have so many great tutorials, ideas and there are TONS of sew alongs on the web, I think I just maybe have too many inspirations and my brain just short circuited :-)  BUT, I am back and I'm going to try to 1. Boost my readership (is that a word) and followers and also 2.  Devise a posting schedule of at least some regular weekly posts and stick to them once and for all.  Ok on to the project!

I made Super Hero Capes for the twins thanks to a wonderful & easy tutorial by Marigold over at "Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!"  I did mostly everything the way she spelled out in the tutorial with a few real minor exceptions.  First let's see how they turned out and then we will discuss the exceptions.  I think they came out pretty well!

So the changes I made, which were very minor included doing my applique real old school and freehanding them myself, I also machine sewed them on.  I used felt for the applique by the way and did 3 separate pieces per cape which were sewn 1 on top of the other.  Notice also that my applique were only applied to one side yet technically the capes are still reversible due to the difference in fabric and also the ability of the collar strap to turn either way and secure.  I had a nap time time constraint to finish these--haha!  Another difference was in the way I completed the collar strap, I believe in the tutorial it was just sewn right side out but I did it with right sides together and then just turned it out and finished the edge of the final short side when I sewed the velcro on.  I did this because of my time constraints and laziness (to be quite honest!)--I did not want to change out the thread and bobbin that were in my machine already so to make it a little neater I decided to sew on the wrong side of the fabric and turn it out.Lastly I used blizzard fleece and flannel for my cape fabrics whereas I believe Marigold may have used cotton fabrics.  I would recommend something lightweight such as any type of cotton from quilting to a lawn or even a gauze could work.  The lighter obviously the more "flowy" and "fly-able" the cape becomes.  I still like ours though because it's pretty cold here right now so they double as an extra layer of warmth and they feel real soft and cozy :-)  If you would like to make your own please stop by Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! here:  Super Hero Capes! and follow along to give your little one the power to FLY!!!!

Next up, I think we may have to discuss some sort of project organization to keep fellow "sewists" from being stuck as I was for the last couple of weeks!
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  1. Love these capes! And I totally love that you set some blogging goals, I'm still in that new blog phase where I'm trying to determine what is the right content for my blog and how to keep it fresh and appeal to readers. I think commenting on other people's blogs, like you did on mine can really boost the amount of traffic to you own blog. Yikes, this was a long comment... Keep it up though!

    1. Thanks Lizzy for stopping by! Thanks also for the tips! Please be sure to stop back periodically and see what's going on & I will do the same :-)