Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KCW Spring 2013--Day 1 BUBBLES!!

Kid's Clothes Week is well under way, how EXCITING!  Ok, so my posts will be a day behind but I AM sewing!  The "challenge" is to sew for 1 hour per day making anything for children.  I don't always get one hour EACH day with two toddlers but this will at least make me try to strive for that-LOL!  For more details check out the new blog completely devoted to this challenge here: For day one I was excited to try out the new Bubble Dress pattern from Straight-Grain.  I was so excited, in fact that I couldn't only do one!  So I ended up doing two, assembly line style...
I LOVE this multi colored geometric shape fabric I bought I believe at Joann's a LOOOOOOONG time ago!  I was just waiting for the perfect project and what's better than a toddler sized bubble dress??  The teal fabric for the collar I bought on Ebay for the twins' 1st birthday party outfits, I still have a couple scraps here and there from almost a year ago!  The button I scored in a lot on Ebay (I'm an addict--shhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone!)  The button is a vintage "shell pink" beauty and it was "on the card", but nothing is too good for my princess :-)  Here she is modelling for the camera:

For the second bubble I decided to go solid and with a very 'on trend' color combo of blue and yellow.  The colors also symbolize part of our heritage which is Bahamian and so I already love the colors together!  If I'd had black piping I would have put it in but...I like it the way it is anyway, I hope you do too, but first just so you know here is the flag of the Bahamas:
And the bubble made from the inspiration...
The blue fabric I bought on Ebay, it is a kind of lightweight poly/cotton type (if I had to guess I'd say rayon-ish) fabric.  I was kind of at a loss when it came in the mail as to what to do with it but when I read the fabric recommendations on this pattern it suggested 'light and airy fabrics' and so I figured it would be perfect--not too hot and not too heavy to weigh down the bubble.  The yellow fabric was another Ebay purchase from way back.  For the button I decided to do a fabric covered button with the same yellow fabric.  Both dresses are lined with a white broadcloth which is also light for the spring/summer.  And here's the model again!!

Please excuse her twin brother's head in the far left corner of the first picture, it's expected that when you WANT to get both in a picture you can't but when you want one, you get TWO!  Such is life with TWINS!  haha
Anyway, I had a great experience with this pattern.  It was an easy sew and easy to follow, I would highly recommend it.  The time it took was really minimal compared to many patterns out there and I really thought bubble dresses took much longer.  I will most likely be making more!  So that's my Day 1 look...onto Day 2!
What are YOU doing for KCW Spring 2013?
Thanks for stopping by & Happy Sewing!

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