Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pinterest Challenge! Are you in?!!

With Project Run & Play over I'm feeling a little dull and purposeless despite having literally THOUSANDS of ideas I want to try, create, sew, etc. The problem then you ask?...I cannot get focused and light the fire under my bum!! I'm all over the place with ideas and frankly I just don't have the time it takes to get the 'quick finish' gratitude I need to "satisfy my soul!" Lol! Well that changes NOW!!!!

Today, in my travels, I ran into a Pinterest Challenge hosted by Merrick's Art-it's called "Sisters Share It All-Pinterest Challenge" and you can find the details here:

The idea is this--we all have 50,000 pins on our Pinterest boards-more than we could probably do in this lifetime quite frankly, haha and rather than do them, most people (GUILTY here!!) just go on and pin more ideas!! So the challenge is just that--a challenge to get you to actually look back over your pins, choose any 6 YOU want and complete them with reporting at the end of the six weeks-sounds totally doable right??!! And exciting & fun to boot! So without further adieu here are my selections: