Saturday, January 18, 2014

BOYS Leopard Tree Climber Trousers

To say I am a huge fan of Go To Patterns would be a severe understatement!  I am a Taurus and therefore a "creature of habit" and Andrea's patterns were among my first sewing patterns so I am, as they say, a repeat offender.  I just love how easy to put together her patterns are with both the PDF pieces and also by the instructions.  When the Tree Climber Trousers were released I just knew I had to put them on my to buy list and I am SO glad I did!

I have two (nearly 2 1/2--where did the time go?!) year old twins so my debate came in with which one of them was I going to sew for, boy or girl?  I decided that since there are a GAZILLION-and one cute girly patterns out there, the winner of this prize would be my boy twin--Baby B, as he is affectionately referred to (totally kidding!).  Right now, per Instagram, there is a HUGE surge in animal prints for boys and this Mama is insanely in love (almost unhealthily) with leopard print so...

My fabric choices were dark blue chambray for a jean effect and leopard printed cotton for the TOTALLY COOL knee pads, back waist band and why not the back pockets?  Hello?!!!!  Super cute, if only to me!

Now I have never, ever, ever quilted anything in my life before but I thought how cute would the knee pads be if they were quilted in a diamond fashion with actual batting to make the knees both A. more durable and B. warmer?!!  BRILLIANCE (patting myself on the back!).

I scoured the internet to find a good quilting tutorial but didn't really find anything.  I figured, it can't be that difficult--just sandwich the top fabric (leopard) with another fabric (i chose flannel--think NORTHEAST!) and sandwich same size batting in between.  I then drew on the backside, of course (haha) my diamond pattern using diagonal lines evenly spaced apart and then cross hatched them basically drawing diagonal lines the opposite way evenly spaced apart.  Then with my machine I straight stitched the lines starting from center and WALLAH!  Lots and lots of threads to cut, LOL!  But really, it came out very nice, especially for a first timer like me!

I also originally cut flannel to line them but in my sheer excitement to get them done I left that out :-(  There's always a next time, and there will be because this pattern is FAB-YOUUUUU-LOUS!!  I'm thinking of doing a little hack on it for the future, we'll see!  If you don't have this  pattern you NEED it, so get it here:  Tree Climber Trousers and be sure to post what you make on Andrea's Facebook page, I'm sure she'd love to see your creation.

Happy (Therapy), I mean, Sewing!


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