Friday, September 20, 2013

Reflection Friday

Happy Friday!  Since this blog is fresh and new I figure I will try out some ideas that maybe I will implement on a regular basis, "blog staples" if you will.  I'm thinking we could call Fridays "Reflection Friday" and we will maybe talk about experiences or things we learned on the previous week.  So here is installment numeral uno of REFLECTION FRIDAY!!

This week was week 6 of Project Run & Play, the theme was Signature Style in which you were to design something for a child based on your design style.  I kind of choked this week, I guess you could say, and ended up not participating.  I'm so SAD that I didn't participate especially since I did all of the work to get this blog up and somewhat running so that I could link to it and maybe enlist some followers rather than crickets (do you hear them??  You have to put your ear to the speakers and listen very closely).  Anywho I choked and I have nobody to blame but myself, I have to suck it up and look out for the next sew along.  Project Run & Play week 6 did however invoke a lot of thought and research for me during the entire week which I obviously needed and utilized.

Have you ever stopped to think about your Signature Style?  Do you have one, or several skewed into one as I found within myself?  Do you realize what styles are and how they are even determined?  For most it is an entire process that involves their brainstorming, designing and even color/fabric choices.  There are SO many styles right now when it comes to fashion and I think this is in part due to the expansion of the digital age in which so much information is out there and available while allowing for so many things and ideas to mesh.  There is Bohemian, Classic, Flirty, Preppy, Nerdy, Grunge, Punk, French classic, etc, etc.  These can be combined or be solo and they have to do with everything from how the clothes fit to the materials, colors and design asthetics but very basically from a personal style viewpoint it has to do with what you gravitate towards as a person that makes you comfortable or makes you YOU.  If someone went shopping for you and could pick something out and say, "that's her/him" then that is probably your style.

So what did I find out about my signature style?  I found, which by the way I subconsciously knew (haha!) that my style is a mix of Classic, Preppy, Chic.  Classic is pretty self-explanatory but defined pretty well here: by Aysha Schurman, as:  "the looks that last through the ages and appear flattering on almost anyone...Despite the decade, figure or fashion, classic styles are always a demonstration of truly refined taste."  She goes on further to say that classic is never trendy and as such remain timeless.  Perfect examples of this style are the little black dress, tuxedo, simple jackets.  The colors tend to be more neutral rather than bold which again points to trendy.  My next style is Preppy which is also pretty commonly known

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